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Sign up to receive a FREE PDF E-Book with the TOP 10 steps for SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT.
Each step includes a self-assessment exercise and resource for further reading.
Reignite the creative flame within you and remember…reveal your magnificence!

I’m a performance coach, personal development author, seminar leader, and radio show host.

My purpose? To show you the most effective ways to share your skills and talents with the world. I’m here to offer concrete guidance and empowerment. I create easy-to-implement strategies to help you design the kind of life you desire!

My background in engineering and MBA in marketing allow me to create courses, seminars, and career coaching programs that lead to tangible and long-lasting results.

Learn more about my products and no-cost offerings, which are listed below. I feel blessed to share my insights with you, and hope my message inspires you to make the best out of your time on this planet.

Always remember to reveal your magnificence…

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LinkedIn Strategies for Success

LinkedIn can be an amazing tool to help you advance in your career…when used in the right way. Because LinkedIn mistakes can actually sabotage your career!

When you enroll in LinkedIn Strategies for Success, you’ll understand how to avoid the mistakes that can hurt your career and will learn strategies to make the most out of this social media platform. If you’re ready to:

✔ Expand your network of connections
✔ Meet people who can lead you to new opportunities or become your customers
✔ Use the power of social media for professional advancement

Then you’re ready to enroll in “LinkedIn Strategies for Success.”

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Career Coaching Programs

My unique blend of expertise in career development and self-empowerment allows me to best address your professional goals.

Why is this important?

Because you might feel “stuck” in a job you don’t want, or remain unemployed due to thinking patterns that aren’t serving you. If you hire a career coach only to improve your resume or networking skills, you might not be tackling the root cause of your dissatisfaction.

In contrast, when we work together, I’ll guide you to define goals that truly resonate with you, and to determine concrete steps to reach each one of these goals. Also, we will explore possible behavioral or emotional issues that might be preventing you from achieving what you want.

Learn more about my performance coaching programs here.

Articles for Inspiration

Articles about success, abundance, fulfillment, self-reliance, authenticity, productivity, achievement, leadership, communication, human connections, and other topics to help you reach your highest potential in your career and personal life.

Many of these articles have been featured on websites with hundreds of thousands and even millions of readers, such as and

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Complimentary digital downloads to advance on the path to your highest potential!

Offers include:

✔ Online training

✔ E-books

✔ PDF guides

This information can help you transform your life and create the present and future YOU desire.

Enjoy, and reveal your magnificence!

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Sign up to receive a FREE PDF E-Book with the TOP 10 steps for success and fulfillment!

Sign up to receive a FREE PDF E-Book with the TOP 10 steps for SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT.
Each step includes a self-assessment exercise and resource for further reading.
Reignite the creative flame within you and remember…be conscious of your magnificence!



"Cloris is a great personal development coach. She motivates, encourages and guides you through the process of achieving your goals. She also provides practical advice to solve career or personal life issues. Her blog is full of great insights and helps me be a better person. She is phenomenal in helping others achieve their greatest potential. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the extra encouragement to achieve their dreams."

"I go back to the principles of the Be Happy Now course all the time because it is full of truth and practical ways to get to that place that we all would like to be in. You have broken it down for us to learn and I am so ever grateful. In my friendships I find myself advising people with this backbone of steps and I see them find their way. The books that you have recommended have also been so helpful, especially those from David Hawkins. I pull myself up to the level of courage on the energy scale often to keep going and Three Magic Words was so helpful in helping me really latch onto the power of faith. Thank you once again Cloris. You're the real deal."

"The way that you break down the knowledge of the highest potential model is so effective Cloris. I have a 21 year old daughter that I can't wait to share this with. I think this should be offered to college students at their orientations! You have put this in a format that brings it to a consciousness and gives the concepts real tangible meaning. Thank you for this free wonderful course. Your brand is soft spoken brilliance."

"Cloris provided a training program for my group and did an absolutely awesome job! She was highly prepared, knew the subject matter well, presented the concepts with passion and provided truly valuable content. I highly recommend her to you."

"I have to step back when I read your posts whether FB or blog and wonder at the machinations of your mind. I sense that it is highly evolved and understanding of many things with attached insights. I imagine the logic of an engineer coupled with the experience of a seeker. A powerful combination when logic and spirituality combined."

"I’ve enjoyed and received so much from your happiness course. It’s so practical and has truly launched me into tangible, real happiness. Just as an aside, your sweet voice was such a wonderful vehicle for your words. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I liked the way you asked your questions that triggered powerful and insightful commentary from your radio guest as well as your comments between of your insights. I think what I liked most was you were able to be so disarming allowing the person to come through entirely."

"These lines swept away a lot of confusion that has been persisting in my head for a long time."

"This article was just what I needed. I’m trying to figure out some things right now. But this article has helped me to put things in perspective."

"Great message, I love when you said 'Acceptance nullifies judgement. By choosing acceptance, you remind yourself that what’s happening in your life is not good or bad, fair or unfair. It just is.' Thank you for sharing your insight!"

"Thank you for giving me a message to use as guidance out of the critics corner."

"I was taken with awe and wonder that you wrote such a beautiful article so enriched with kindness, compassion and so many other adjectives. So true every bit of your article. Loved the poem too. I was taken aback and had to go weed for a while to gather all my thoughts. Nice… Thank you."

"I was full of anger, hate, rage, and the desire to get even. I viewed the people who wronged me as bad, and there was nothing that could make me believe that they were anything other than evil. I recently had a shift in my perception and in my desire to heal found this (Cloris Kylie’s) article. For the first time in 30 years, forgiveness made sense. I was able to forgive ALL the wrongdoers and 'evil' people in my life, and I have become free from the act of judging. I look back now and laugh that I could actually have thought that my spouse and the woman 'that stole him' were EVIL, Compassion and forgiveness has set me free and will allow me to live a life of happiness. Cloris-Obviously, this writing will not do for everyone what it has done for me, but thank you! If I make an impact on one person to the extent that you did for me, I will be a true blessing."

"You are so insightful, Cloris. You present ideas in a way that is creative and fresh. Many self-improvement blogs touch on ideas that sort of obvious, but your posts always touch a deeper layer. You are really using your vehicle, your wisdom, your awakening, in a profound way. Love your work."

"I was in your communications seminar last evening and I wanted to say it was worth my hour-long car ride."

"I was thoroughly impressed with your poise and clarity throughout the lecture."

"I have had the privilege to have Cloris as my mentor for Toastmasters. She helped me gain skills and additional techniques in writing and delivering speeches. I also had the benefit of working with her on one of the advanced projects she led to achieve her leadership certificate. I admire her ever positive outlook, drive to succeed, and dedication to helping others. I am so grateful to know such an outstanding person!"

"I feel that Cloris's message saved my life. I was in a dark place and thanks to her I'm rebuilding my entire life. I lost the extra 80 pounds I was carrying around, and have decided to move down south to pursue my true passion. There is a new life waiting for me. Thank you, Cloris!"

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