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I’m Cloris Kylie, and my mission is to help coaches, authors, consultants, speakers, and other service-based professionals boost their visibility and expand their client base through the power of social media, mass media, webinars, speaking engagements, blogging, podcasting, and networking.

If you want to share your message and profit from your expertise, you’re in the right place! My motto is “reveal your magnificence” because I want to empower you to share your gifts with the world!

I invite you to explore my online training, group coaching, and private coaching programs; you’ll discover strategies to grow your business and make a GREAT living doing what you love.

Check out my radio show. You’ll listen to exclusive insights from entrepreneurs, media personalities, bestselling authors, coaches, and more!

Find tips to grow your business and succeed in your career on my blog.

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Lead Generation Academy

A step-by-step program designed SPECIFICALLY for coaches, authors, and speakers who are committed to providing amazing value AND are ready to grow their business!

Lead Generation Academy shows you step-by-step how to expand your reach so that you can grow your platform, build a strong client base, and multiply your revenue.

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Client Attraction Bootcamp

A 2-day LIVE event to show you my simple system on what it truly takes to boost your visibility as an expert and expand your client base, so that you can serve your clients at the highest level and boost your revenue

In just 2 days, you and I are going to create:

  • Your personal plan of action to build a solid marketing platform, including target market selection and product offerings.
  • Your personal system to generate leads online and offline.
  • Your personal plan of action to boost your visibility as an expert.

“Client Attraction Bootcamp” is designed for coaches, authors, speakers, and skilled practitioners who are committed to providing AMAZING value and are ready to GROW THEIR BUSINESS!

If you’re ready to experience 2 days filled with learning, networking, and inspiration, then you’re ready to join “Client Attraction Bootcamp.” Learn more about this event HERE.

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Opt-In Pages That Convert!

Opt-In Pages That Convert

10 Proven Hacks to Create Effective Landing Pages So That You Can Grow Your List

If you create effective opt-in pages—also called squeeze pages—you’ll exponentially grow your list.

In this training program, I share the result of my extensive research, training, and own experience creating OPT-IN PAGES that WORK so that you can save TIME and MONEY.

For example, did you know that you shouldn’t write your headline based on what your customers need? Weird, huh? But true if you want to drive more people to sign up for your list!

Click here to learn more about the program.

Remember to download the complimentary guide with 8 ways you can use to expand your client base!

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Fiona Bain

Personal Branding by Design

Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business, Get Promoted, Be Hired for the Job You Want, and Create Your Dream Career

Only those with a strong personal brand are fairly recognized, acknowledged, and compensated for their efforts.

A strong brand isn’t just a logo or a website. Your personal brand is a blend of behaviors, skills, and intangible factors that determine the way people perceive you. 

For corporations: Click here to learn more about my branding training to maximize productivity and achieve excellence in the workplace!


LinkedIn Strategies for Success

Easy-to-implement LinkedIn strategies to advance your career and grow your business

When you go through the training, you’ll be able to use LinkedIn to connect with:

 Influencers in your industry

✔ Potential business partners and affiliates

✔ Potential customers

“Although I’d been ‘using’ LinkedIn for many years, when I took Cloris’s course I realized I’d barely scratched the surface of its potential. This short course packs a powerfully effective punch. My social media life will never be the same again!”

Roz Savage, bestselling author of “Start Drifting, Start Rowing,” activist, speaker, and coach

“I thought that I was doing all the right things on LinkedIn…but boy was I wrong. Thankfully, I gave Cloris’ course a shot (I’m a fan of her writing) and got everything straightened out, professional, and was able to set up a plan moving forward to keep growing my network. If you’re willing to do the work and want to take LinkedIn to the next level, this is the course for you.”

Ryan James, founder at Startup Savant

Learn more about the course here!

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Coaching Programs

I offer programs for:

Coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, skilled professionals and seminar leaders

  • Learn step-by-step strategies to expand your client base
  • Discover how to reach the right customers/clients for your business

Corporate professionals

  • Learn tactics to be fairly recognized for your efforts
  • Learn tools to design the career path that will maximize your income and sense of fulfillment

Private coaching programs

Group coaching programs


Testimonials Cloris Kylie John Frazier

Testimonials Cloris Kylie Marnie Swedberg



"Cloris, your current work is so timely. I know so many people, way too many, who have faced job loss as 50 something people and are pausing to figure out how to make it for the rest of their working lives. Also, I think with young people graduating and beginning careers there is a lot of solid advice and benefit to your writings now. I really think you should give commencement speeches and courses in colleges and universities and companies for that matter."

− Donald Huffmire, Emeritus Professor at the University of Connecticut

"Cloris, you're a coach whose passion to help your clients get meaningful and measurable results is a key part of your own, personal brand. Your ability to combine diverse concepts and turn them into practical actions is abundantly evident in your prolific writings, courses and online content. You are a visionary who empowers your clients with an infectious and wonderful positive attitude."

− Bill Doerr, Marketing Consultant

"Cloris is a great coach. She motivates, encourages and guides you through the process of achieving your goals. She is phenomenal in helping others achieve their greatest potential. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the extra encouragement to achieve their dreams."

− Shiamala Palani, Financial Consultant

"Cloris and I share a mastermind program, and I'm impressed by her passion for what she does and her dedication to deliver only the highest quality programs to her clients and audiences. I definitely would recommend Cloris and her coaching and training services in a heartbeat. She rocks!"

− Alex Heyne, Coach, Author, and Online Trainer

"Cloris provided a training program for my group and did an absolutely awesome job! She was highly prepared, knew the subject matter well, presented the concepts with passion and provided truly valuable content. I highly recommend her to you."

− Marnie Swedberg, Author, Speaker, and Coach

"I first met Cloris when I was a guest on her radio show, and now we have set up a mastermind group. I've been impressed with Cloris's passion for her work, her hardworking nature, and her drive to create only the highest quality coaching and training programs for her clients. Cloris is one of the most reliable professionals I know, and it's a pleasure to recommend her and her services."

− Roz Savage, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Coach


− Paul McMannus, Book Yourself Solid Coach

"Cloris is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I know. She's committed to delivering only the highest quality coaching and training programs to her clients, and continuously delivers value through her articles and radio show. I also had the pleasure to be a special guest on Cloris's show, which inspires entrepreneurs to share their message with the world. I am pleased to recommend Cloris."

− Walt Hampton, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author

"I have had the privilege to have Cloris as my mentor for Toastmasters. She helped me gain skills and additional techniques in writing and delivering speeches. I also had the benefit of working with her on one of the advanced projects she led to achieve her leadership certificate. I admire her ever positive outlook, drive to succeed, and dedication to helping others. I am so grateful to know such an outstanding person!"

− Heidi Gallagher, Corporate Training Consultant

"I feel that Cloris's message saved my life. I was in a dark place and thanks to her I'm rebuilding my entire life. I lost the extra 80 pounds I was carrying around, and have decided to move down south to pursue my true passion. There is a new life waiting for me. Thank you, Cloris!"

− Ray, Reader of Cloris's Book

"I have been working with Cloris for a few months now and the changes that I am seeing for myself and my business have been tremendous. Cloris has a great eye with regard to websites, marketing materials and the like. She is also the consummate strategist, knowing exactly what needs to be done first so that I build a truly secure platform on which to grow my business. Not only is she is a pleasure to work with, but she also has a special way of getting me to do things I may procrastinate on. She doesn't let anything slide by her, that is for sure. I cannot recommend Cloris's coaching enough. If you want to get your business to take off you need to hire Cloris. You won't regret it!!"

− Fiona Bain, MBA, Empowerment Coach

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