Authenticity to grow your business

You’ve heard it many times: Authenticity is a must for sustained business growth. But what exactly does it entail to be authentic? How vulnerable should you allow yourself to be? How to deal with the fear of rejection and judgment?

Entrepreneur and host of Executives After Hours Podcast, James Kelley, visits “Magnificent Time” to share his best insights on the subject.

I asked James to talk about authenticity because of the unique style of his podcast. James asks questions most people would want to ask at a certain moment, but often are afraid to ask.

As a podcast host, he lets his authenticity shine, and he encourages his guests to also share those parts of themselves that form the underlying story for their decision to do what they do for a living.

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Who is James Kelley? Here’s what James has to say:

“Against the laws of nature and human belief, in 2010, I completed my Ph.D. in International Marketing at the University of Western Australia and ascended to higher education. My family moved to Philadelphia for a seven-year stint. Now, my wife Mary, our four kids and I live just outside of Dubai where I teach, run a small consultancy, and work on writing my first of three books, which are based on my podcast Executives After Hours.

It is my belief that my story is unique and one filled with failure, and consistent no’s, but what I have maintained through life is a sunny disposition that if you just work hard and be a good person you will end up on top.

As my journey continues I can only hope that my wife and four kids enjoy the path as much as I do.”

James says his path is still being built brick by brick, and the current brick is a book: 90 Executives on Authenticity Leadership.

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