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July 13, 2017

Are product launches doomed?

  The "Mag Question of the Week" is: Are Product Launches Dead? As the market becomes saturated, it's becoming more difficult to stand out, especially when everyone out there seems to be launching their own program. Also, launching a program is stressful! There are so many moving pieces, and each…
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June 29, 2017

[Video] Podcasting secrets for the busy entrepreneur

Having a podcast opens the door to incredible connections (people you would've never met otherwise,) and allows you to multiply your reach and build authority doing something you love. However, even though you might have thought about starting a podcast, the thought of adding ONE MORE THING to the many…
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EntrepreneurshipMarketing and Publicity
June 23, 2017

[Video] What is relationship marketing and how to apply it to grow your business

"Relationship Marketing" is one of those terms that gets thrown around without a clear understanding of what it really entails. But relationship marketing is the way to grow your business in our digital age! That's why I was thrilled to welcome Relationship Marketing Expert Brian Basilico to my show. During…
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June 8, 2017

[Video] The Art of Passive Income

Building passive income is the path to authentic financial freedom. That's why I was excited to welcome Mark Podolski, a.k.a The Land Geek to talk about how he has built his passive-income-generating business. The beginning After being successful at buying and selling raw land, Mark left his deeply dissatisfying job. Mark…
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