Open-mindedness when connecting with influencers – Chris Badgett

By January 1, 2018Podcast

CEO of Lifter LMS, Chris Badgett, shares a journey that has taken him from remote regions in Alaska to connecting with influencers to grow his course-building software business.

Chris’s Journey

Chris spent years in remote areas of Alaska where he ran sled dogs. In those remote areas, he became conscious of the amazing power of the Internet to bring people together.

He built a web design company and made it his mission to build digital courses centered on sustainable agriculture, one of his passions.

Now, he provides software solutions for digital course creators and is known as the “online course guy.”

Your influencer marketing story

Mentorship and research

Chris’s first connections were made from a place only accessible by helicopter: a glacier in Alaska. His first mentors where members of the Iditarod community, where he learned about leading teams and communicating effectively.

As Chris immersed himself in the online business world, he researched and studied what influencers had done to grow their business. Then, he connected in person and online with other software company owners and digital marketing professionals who have helped him expand his business.

Meeting the first influencer connections

Chris met his first group of influencer connections when he attended a 30-person mastermind event in Mexico. The attendees and hosts have become long-term connections.

The mastermind was Chris’s opportunity to get out of his comfort zone and meet new people. At the same time, the event was a good match for his personality. It was a group small enough that he had the opportunity to create deep connections with his fellow participants.

Chris’s position as an influencer

Chris values true mentoring relationships, so whoever approaches him with mentoring in mind stands out in Chris’s mind.

When he’s pitched with a business idea, he’s most compelled to connect with those who send a personal, customized email rather than a genetic message.

Ways to collaborate with influencer connections

  • Virtual summits
  • Exchanging ideas and feedback
  • Building complementary products
  • Including other people’s products as bonuses
  • Inviting connections to appear on your own podcast
  • Appearing on other people’s podcasts

What matters most, according to Chris, is to approach each relationship with an open mind.

Worst influencer marketing moment

According to Chris, it’s important to not feel chased and to not chase somebody online. For him, it’s natural to follow up but not excessively.

Some of his relationships have faded away even after following up. But if that relationship isn’t working, he quickly moves on.

Chris’s Motto

“It’s about win-win”

One thing you’re most excited about

Chris is focusing on leveraging his software platform to create results at all price levels–not only at premium prices.

Resources mentioned

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More About Chris Badgett

Chris Badgett is known as “the online course guy.” He created successful online courses, created a gardening course publishing business with experts around the world, and is the CEO of the popular fast growing course building tool for WordPress powered websites called LifterLMS.