How to Connect with Influential People-5 Steps

By December 15, 2016Entrepreneurship

Before I started to connect with influencers and leaders of existing audiences, I was in a state of burnout, feeling overwhelmed by all the marketing activities I was “supposed to do” to get my name out. I used to spend hours chained to the computer writing blog posts, creating videos and posting on social media.

But I was still getting little traction…

After I started to connect with those influencers and leaders, my life and my business were transformed.

My new connections included:

  • Top influencers in online marketing, millionaire entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors and renowned media personalities.
  • “Niche” influencers, such as coaches, Meetup group leaders, and networking group organizers, who reach a small but targeted, loyal, and engaged audience.

My new connections, whether world-renowned or niche, gave me two invaluable gifts:

  1. I changed my own beliefs about what was possible for me. I realized that if I followed the same steps those influencers had followed, I would have the opportunity to achieve and exceed my highest goals.
  2. Because of my well-regarded connections, those around me started to perceive me as someone with the authority to guide them to achieve their own success. That’s what I needed to create positive momentum, so I could finally share my message in a greater way and grow my business.

How did I gain those invaluable connections? I didn’t just get lucky or paid thousands of dollars for an introduction. Instead, I followed the set of simple strategies below, which you can use to build strong relationships with pretty much anyone, including influencers.

Become their advocate on social media

Most influencers and personalities directly access their social media pages. And believe it or not, they’re paying attention to who supports them, especially if those supporters pop up on a constant basis.

If you’re on Twitter, not only retweet their best content, but share it with your network along with an insightful comment. If you’re on LinkedIn, comment on their articles and share the articles with your network. If you’re on Facebook, set up notifications for when they post new content and be the first person to post a comment.

Keep in mind that your comments must add value to the social share, which means you will have to read the article or watch the video they created. “Great article” alone doesn’t cut it.

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Send them a personalized invitation on LinkedIn

Once you have interacted on social media with your potential new connections, send them a personalized invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

In your message, you could mention the most recent social media interaction you had with them, the LinkedIn group you two share, or something you loved about the most recent article they published. If you read their book, reference the chapter you found most useful.

Finally, explain why you believe it would be beneficial for both parties to connect. Remember that they might have the influence, but you also have valuable experience, insights, and knowledge to contribute.

Have them as guests on your podcast, blog, or summit

My podcast has been one of my most powerful tools to connect with entrepreneurs, authors and media personalities. What if your ideal connections became your guests? What would that do to your relationship with them?

If you don’t have a podcast or intend to start one, you might invite your potential connections to post one of their articles on your blog, or to be guest speakers in your online summit.

Keep in mind that influencers have gotten to where they are thanks to media exposure. If you have a media outlet for them to expand their reach, you will become an ally and trusted resource to them.

Below is a 10-min Facebook Live chat I had with Kate Erickson of EOFire, the top podcast for entrepreneurs, where she shares her own experience with this strategy.

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Support them with reviews and recommendations

Most people, including influencers, will appreciate a written recommendation on LinkedIn. Be sure to craft your recommendation based on the value that the influencer has brought into your life or business. You might have been inspired by their book or one of their programs. Your audience might have loved the message they shared on your podcast, blog or summit. Add this information to the recommendation.

By recommending your new connection, you’re delivering value and strengthening the relationship.

Another option to be valuable to the influencer is to post an honest review of their book on Amazon. What was most useful about the book? What made their book stand out? Go the extra mile by posting a video review! Once you post that review, be sure to email them to let them know about it.

If the influencer hosts a podcast, then a review of their show on iTunes might be the way to go! Be sure to listen to several episodes and highlight in detail what you find most valuable about the show.

Send them your ideas

Have you come up with new ways for an author to reach ten times more readers? Do you have a strategy an influencer could use to grow his or her business?

If your answer is yes, then share your ideas! Not only will you become an authority in the eyes of the person you want to connect with, but you’ll also become a trusted ally. You’ll be paving the path for a deeper connection with someone who will in time lead you to unprecedented success.

Consider this: Entrepreneur James Altucher earned himself an all-expenses-paid trip to Amazon headquarters when he submitted his ideas to the company. If he could get the attention of such a giant corporation, imagine what you could accomplish if you submit well thought-out ideas to influential people in your industry!

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Closing thoughts…

Connecting with the right influencers (those who serve your audience AND are aligned with your values) is one of the most effective ways to connect with the RIGHT clients.


Because you’ll be able to reach a captive audience of potential clients who will first hear about you from someone they already like and trust.

Regardless of what you choose to do to initiate and nurture your connection with an influencer, remember that your own belief in your ability to achieve what you desire is the most important ingredient to succeed.

Also remember that having more influence doesn’t mean to be superior or to have more value. You already have value to offer regardless of your level of influence. All you need to do now is create awareness of what you can do, and take action to realize your dearest goals.

Ready to start? Download my Influencer guide: 15 Ways to Connect with Influencers to Grow Your Business