Growing a consulting business with influencer marketing – Jordan Gill

By December 25, 2017Podcast

Founder of the Kolada Group, Jordan Gill, shares the myriad ways she’s been able to tap into her connections with influencers to rapidly grow her consulting business online, and how you can do that, too.

Jordan’s Journey

Jordan started in online marketing working alongside the owner of a 7-figure business. That business owner helped her see that one of her strongest skill was process and systems optimization.

Jordan connected with that first client / manager by applying clever influencer marketing strategies. “I was on her email list, and she posted the position,” Jordan relates.

After doing her research and knowing that the person in question loved sweets, Jordan sent a set of delicious cupcakes to her manager/client-to-be and her husband, along with a note wishing her luck on her upcoming presentation and highlighting how excited Jordan was about applying for the open position.

Shortly after, she was selected for the position, catapulting a successful career in digital marketing.

In 2016, Jordan launched her own business as a consultant helping business owners stay in their zone of genius by mastering their processes and systems.

Your influencer marketing story

Collaborating with influencer connections

Jordan shares some of the many different ways she has been able to collaborate with her influencer connections to build authority, rapidly build her list, and grow her business:

  • Joint webinars with a single offer
  • Joint webinar with a combined offer
  • Guest appearances on virtual summits
  • Hosting her own summits

Through these forms of collaboration, Jordan builds rapport with her community and delivers value on many different areas. In contrast, with Facebook ads “it takes forever to build trust,” she asserts

Connecting with the first few influencers

Jordan connected with her first group of influencers by hosting her own virtual summit. She started by reaching out to her own connections, and asked them for introduction to people in their network.

Thinking out of the box to approach influencers

To invite an influencer she didn’t know to her summit, Jordan created a customized video expressing why she admired the influencer and why that person would be a perfect speaker for her summit. The result? Success!

Jordan stood out by going above and beyond, and by demonstrating she truly cared about the influencers she intended to connect with.

Jordan’s quick tips to succeed with virtual summits

  • Anticipate people’s needs
  • Make it easy for people to work with you
  • Be transparent through the process
  • Promote your guests so that they get maximum exposure
  • Make your speakers feel that they’re being well taken care of

Worst influencer marketing moment

“I’ve been very lucky so far,” Jordan says, but she prevents problems by always creating contracts when collaborating with other entrepreneurs, and by putting all agreements down in writing.

Also, Jordan only works with people who are interested in long-term collaboration, and those who share her values. She follows her gut feeling and, as a result, she hasn’t had negative experiences with her business connections.

One thing you’re most excited about

Jordan is excited about launching “The Triple Threat,” her new signature training to automate your calendar, inbox, and social media to free up your time. Coming up in 2018!

Resources mentioned

Jordan’s gift: Save an hour a week by taking control of your inbox.

Book: “Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time” by Keith Ferrazzi

More About Jordan Gill

With millions of dollars made and thousands of hours saved, Jordan Gill, founder of The Kolada Group, knows that if you want to make incredible impact in your business, you must have massive support. Her mission is to partner with business owners like YOU in making your company indestructible to losing team members and money-sucking software decisions.

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