Are product launches doomed?


The “Mag Question of the Week” is: Are Product Launches Dead?

As the market becomes saturated, it’s becoming more difficult to stand out, especially when everyone out there seems to be launching their own program.

Also, launching a program is stressful! There are so many moving pieces, and each of those moving pieces has a risk of failing at the worst time (during the launch itself.)

That’s why launches tend to have single points of failure. For example, if your shopping cart software is down the day you open cart, then what? A big chunk of your business revenue would be gone in a puff…

So, does this mean you should forgo launches altogether?

In this video, I answer that question and share 7 advanced strategies you can use to be successful with your launches. 

  1. Position your launch differently (move away from the expected 3-part video training structure)
  2. Offer a bonus for early action takers without turning off the majority who will purchase at the end of the launch
  3. Offer a quick download that leads to your training or webinar
  4. Plan for contingencies during the sales process–create what-if scenarios and be prepared to act quickly
  5. Plan to offer a downsell or upsell after the launch
  6. Learn from each launch. What worked? What didn’t work? Send a survey to non-buyers
  7. Work with partners to supercharge your results (start creating those influencer connections today!)

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