Here is my list of favorite resources to create a truly magnificent business. Enjoy!

* I’ll receive an affiliate commission on some of the products listed, but the reason I recommend them is that I have used them and they have helped me grow my business!

All-in-one Solution for List Growth and Sales

Clickfunnels. Here’s a link for a 14-day free trial of Clickfunnels, the tool I use to create all my sales sequences.

Sales Conversions

Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversions will show you how to use Irresistible Offers, get results without being salesy, and maximize profits with no marketing budget. Check out Lisa’s “Invisible Close Quick-Start Program”

Joint Venture Partnerships

Joint Venture Insiders Circle a program to make invaluable connections that will help you take your business to the next level!

Accomplishing Your Goals in 90 Days

John Lee Dumas’s Freedom Journal. John created this easy-to-follow guide to keep you on track so you achieve your dearest goals in 90 days. 5 stars!

Inspiration and Business Savvy

“Shark Tales” by Barbara Corcoran. Barbara’s recount of her journey to transform a $1000 check into a billion dollar company is truly inspiring.

The Power of No by James and Claudia Altucher If you want to say no to what’s dragging your business down and say yes to yourself, this is a perfect read for you.

Your ONE Word by Evan Carmichaelmy top recommended read to fine tune your brand and create a business that lasts. Love this book!

Watch my video interview with Evan here.

Website Development

Legal Image Search: Great free tool by Cohlab to search for images you can use on your website. Always check images are legal before using them on your site and social media!