The 4 Types of Buyers and How to Appeal to Them in Your Online Business

You and I have unique ways to see the world, and a unique approach to buying.

I make my buying decisions only after weighing the benefits and future implications of my purchase. You won’t see me grabbing a pack of mints at the checkout counter of the grocery store.

Others just “go for it” and buy without a second thought—even if their purchase costs thousands of times more than a pack of mints.

Even though we’re unique, are there commonalities in the way we make purchase decisions that we can leverage to better appeal to our potential clients?

The answer, as you might already know, is yes.

Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg shared the idea that customers can be divided into 4 buyer types or personas: spontaneous, methodical, humanistic, and competitive.

Inspiring your potential clients to buy your products and programs online will be much easier if you consider the 4 main types of buyers. Use this knowledge to design your sales pages and email/ad campaigns.

Spontaneous Buyers

Spontaneous make quick decisions, and are driven by emotion rather than by reasoning. Think impulse buy at the checkout counter.

They will be your first buyers when you announce your product, so be sure to position your offer as NEW and exciting. Or announce a NEW feature they can access when they buy.

These buyers also tend to be easily distracted, a good reason to have clear calls to action in your emails and sales pages, and to include short emails with only one link to click when you create your email campaigns.

Methodical Buyers

Methodical buyers tend to be the majority of the buying spectrum (nearly half, statistics show).  They need to analyze all facts and figures before making a decision. They might even read your website’s terms and conditions—that’s how methodical they are.

How to appeal to them?

Reassure them of your expertise by offering case studies and testimonials.

On your sales pages and order forms, always include your company’s information and how to reach customer service.

Offer social proof by including the Facebook comment plugin on your content pages.

Always include a FAQ section on your sales page, and include a FAQ email in your email campaign.

Humanistic Buyers

Humanistic buyers will only buy something they can relate to. Facts and figures don’t drive them; emotions do.

If you want to engage this kind of buyer, you’ll need to include storytelling in your email campaigns and videos. This means that some of your emails will be long.

Be sure to share your own story and why you’re passionate about your product.

Also, share testimonials and case studies that are easily relatable and show the journey that other buyers have experienced.

Your goal is to make the humanistic buyer FEEL that your product is a good fit.

Competitive Buyers

Competitive buyers want to feel they’re winning when they buy your product or program. They make smart decisions quickly and want to beat the competition stat!

That’s why you need to clearly show them why your offer is superior to others. You need to convey that they will become winners when they follow your particular system.

You may also offer a special deal they can take advantage of during a narrow window of time (during a live webinar, for example.) You’ll boost their sense of triumph when they buy.

Competitive buyers are driven by results, so be sure to clearly explain the specific results your products or programs deliver.

As you can see, if you want to connect with all types of buyers, you’ll need to mix and match the content and length of your emails, and design your sales pages so that they appeal to the variety of buying styles.

Positioning your product for sales and impact will be much easier if you have taken the time to design an irresistible offer. Download my free Hot Offer Blueprint to learn the main elements you must include when you create new digital training programs, coaching and consulting programs, and masterminds.