Building Long-Lasting Connections by Giving Value – Tim Paige

By January 29, 2018Podcast

Tim Paige, the “Webinar Superhero” who has hosted over a thousand live webinars grossing nearly $10 million in revenue, and professional voice actor with clients such as NBC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Weather Channel, Comcast and more, talks about building long-lasting connections by providing value and the right resources every single time.

Tim Paige’s Journey

Tim was an accidental webinar expert. He started out selling vacuums and cellphones in malls, and while those weren’t the best jobs, they allowed him to learn more about the psychology of people and what gets them to take action.

Years later he got hired by LeadPages to start a podcast for them. Clay, CEO of LeadPages,  got sick one day and could not do the webinar, so Tim had to take his place.

Surprisingly, he surpassed Clay’s average conversion, and since then he’s hosted over a thousand webinars for LeadPages and several hundred more outside of the company.

Your influencer marketing story

Making connections with your audience

Tim shares the following key points to connect with his webinar audiences:

  • Remember that you’re only just having a conversation with the other person, not with a number.
  • When your audience isn’t engaging with you, put yourself in their shoes. They probably have their hands full.
  • Always make sure your webinars are full of value and that your audience will get something out of it that will profoundly impact their life.

Connections are about delivering value

To create connections with influencers, giving value first is also a must.

They may seem like they have everything figured out, but there will always be something you can do for them.

Be confident you have value to offer, and take action to deliver that value.

You could offer your expertise or become a connector to the right person.

When you act as bridge, however, keep common courtesy in mind as Tim does, and always ask for permission before making the introduction.

The most important skill to build relationships

Listening is the most important skill when it comes to building relationships, whether as an influencer or a follower of an influencer.

“To be interesting, be interested,” Tim quotes. He believes that truly listening and being genuinely interested is all you need to set yourself apart and become someone that matters to the other person.

Worst influencer marketing moment

“He just really came off as a totally different person than I thought he was,” says Tim of a particular influencer he met in person.

It happens often – we put a person in a pedestal and expect them to be exactly what their public persona is…and a lot of the times, they’re not.

One thing you’re most excited about

Tim is currently developing his flagship offer: an in-depth, intense, and hands-on webinar program. He’ll work with his extensive network to spread the word.

Resources and tools mentioned

More about Tim Paige

Tim Paige is what the smartest people in the world refer to as a “Webinar Superhero” (or at least, that’s what he’d prefer they’d call him).

Having hosted over a thousand live webinars and grossing nearly $10Million in revenue directly from those webinars, the companies that work with Tim are truly glad they do.

He’s also a professional voice actor with clients such as NBC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Weather Channel, Comcast, and more.

He’s a husband to one, father to two, and beloved by at least 3.

His presentations are often littered with comic book references and he bleeds Syracuse Orange. Learn more about him at