[Video] Podcasting secrets for the busy entrepreneur

Having a podcast opens the door to incredible connections (people you would’ve never met otherwise,) and allows you to multiply your reach and build authority doing something you love.

However, even though you might have thought about starting a podcast, the thought of adding ONE MORE THING to the many responsibilities you have as an entrepreneurs has kept you away from podcasting.

The great news: hosting a successful podcast is possible even for the busiest entrepreneurs!

That’s why I was so excited to welcome successful podcast host Tim Lakis to share his insights on how to manage your podcast while running your business.

During the conversation, Tim shares:

  • His journey from feeling like a misfit to running a successful business and podcast
  • The top productivity tips and tricks that allow him to manage it all
  • The best tech tools to get your podcast started right now

Watch the video here or listen on iTunes.

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More about Tim Laskis

Tim grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, he has the academic training, experience consulting with business owners and professional athletes, and he successfully started and sold a business. Now, Tim helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams with his podcast, The Tim Laskis Show, YouTube show and webinars.

The Tim Laskis Show is for entrepreneurs, “wantrepreneurs” and “sidepreneurs” looking for success tips, strategies and inspiring stories. Tim interviews the best in business, professional sports and entertainment.

Download Tim’s Free Podcast Launch Cheat Sheet: https://timlaskis.com