[Video] The Art of Passive Income

Building passive income is the path to authentic financial freedom. That’s why I was excited to welcome Mark Podolski, a.k.a The Land Geek to talk about how he has built his passive-income-generating business.

The beginning

After being successful at buying and selling raw land, Mark left his deeply dissatisfying job. Mark was drawn to the fact that buying and selling land doesn’t require dealing with tenants or managing property renovations.

The business today

The process Mark uses to build passive income is simple now that he has built systems, automated processes, and software to manage the business and to help his clients. He joked he could write a new bestseller: “The 2-hour workweek.”

Podcasts for business growth

Mark has built an engaged audience of potential clients through his 3 podcasts: The Best Passive Income Model, the Land Geek Podcast, and the Art of Passive Income Podcast with Scott Todd, where I had the pleasure to be a guest. He gets to meet successful entrepreneurs, build authority, and grow his business at the same time.

Revenue model

His revenue model includes his land investing business, his automated CRM software, and “Land Geek,” his way to improve people’s lives.

Mark created Land Geek because of his desire to leave a legacy instead of exclusively running a profit-generating business. “Land investing is great, but no land investor has written to me to say, Mark, you’ve changed my life.” Now, he’s securing his financial future and making a difference.

Systems and productivity

Mark emphasizes the importance of creating systems in your business. “If a task takes me 5 minutes to do it, I’ll invest 30 times that to teach somebody to take over that process so I can get rid of that 5-min task for the rest of my life,” he says.

He also organizes his tasks in batches for added productivity. That has allowed him to take 2 days off a week to enjoy the lifestyle he desires. “I want to look back at my life and say I did what I really wanted to do.”

Breaking free

Mark’s passive income model allows entrepreneurs break free from solo economic dependency. The goal: to work because you want to, not because you have to.

Interview on iTumes

Listen to the conversation to learn how Mark’s land buying and selling system works, and get his insights on how to systematize your business processes so that managing your business becomes simple and effective!

Mark’s favorite quote

If the next 3-5 years you do what most people won’t do, you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life what other people can’t do.

About Mark J. Podolsky

Mark J. Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek) is widely considered the Country’s most trusted and foremost authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land within the United States. He has been actively investing in Real Estate and Raw Land since 2001,and has completed over 5,000 unique transactions .Mark has achieved this level of success largely due to his core business philosophy –Happy Customers Guaranteed. Mark is the host of one of the top rated podcast in the Investing Category on iTunes titled The Best Passive Income Model. He is also the host of the Land Geek Podcast and the Art of Passive Income Podcast with Scott Todd, where I had the pleasure to be a guest.

Mark’s mission is simple – to help his coaching students achieve their greatest financial and life goals by teaching the most effective and efficient land investing practices.One of the key driving factors behind this mission is Mark’s passion for helping others break out of what he calls “Solo Economic Dependency.

Connect with Mark at www.thelandgeek.com

Check out Mark’s webinar at www.thelandgeek.com/foundationaltraining